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    i have htc one m7. volume down key was not working and i wanted to update firmware so i have downloaded rom manager app in phone so i can turn my phone on into recover mode. but when i open that app and tap on "reboot into recovery mode" my phone was turned off and didnt turned on for five minutes so i had hold power key to start phone and it was started but after 2 minutes it turned off automatically. and started automatically. and this is happening again and again.my phone is rebooting automatically. i can operate my phone but only for 2 minutes i can open any app uninstall any app but i cant install any app and i cant even reset my phone going throught setting>backup and reset. and i cant even power off my phone holding power key. after 2 minutes it restarts itself. i just want to reset my phone please help me....please.. and no one is getting ready to repair my volume key so i should reset my phone anyhow...please help.
    09-13-2016 12:49 PM
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    Normally, I would recommend booting into recovery and doing a reset from there, but that is obviously not an option. From the sounds of it, that app set some kind of flag to make the device reboot. You said it reboots after 2 minutes, is that not enough time to do a Factory Reset from the Settings? I'm not sure if you mean 2 minutes from when the phone is powered on, or 2 minutes from when you get into the launcher.

    Normally, this is exactly the sort of thing Recovery is intended for, and every solution I can come up with requires that you be able to get into recovery mode.

    I really think your only option, at this point, that doesn't involve buying a new phone is going to be repairing that volume button. I found this guide online for a Do-It-Yourself repair of the volume rocker on an HTC M7. That said, this is not going to be a process for the faint of heart, and I assume no responsibility if you completely destroy your device.

    HTC One Volume Button Not Working Repair Guide – RecomHub

    I know it's not really an "answer" but, barring repairing the button yourself or getting it repaired, you may be out of luck with this. I really, really, wish I had a better answer
    09-13-2016 02:45 PM

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