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    I use a stock Samsung Galaxy Note Edge on AT&T. Last week they pushed out the Marshmallow update (yay! I'm now only a little over a year behind!), and with it came some other updates to stock apps, one being Samsung Messages.

    I have a few different group message conversations that are used daily. So I was using Samsung Messages, as it seemed to work more consistently than Hangouts and Google Messenger with group messages when i was in low signal range (downstairs at my home). Well, after the update came through, two people in one of the group messages (We'll call them Z and S to make things easier) could not receive any of the group messages from me, as the MMS would not download on their end. They would receive all other messages from other people in the conversation fine, but mine would not download, and all other people in the conversation (Android and Iphone) could receive my messages. Z is using a Galaxy S5, and S is using an LG V10. After fooling around and trying things, we found out that after I changed from Samsung Messages to Google Messenger, they could receive my messages just fine. Yay, problem solved, right? No.

    Now I am having that same problem with another person (we'll call him W) in another group conversation that Z and S were having with me in that first group conversation. I cannot download group messages (MMS) from W from within that group conversation, but the other person in the conversation can. W is using Samsung Messages. So I switched back to Samsung Messages and I can now download his messages... But now we're back to square one with Z and S not able to get my messages..

    Easy solution is to ask W to switch to Google Messages, which he did, but he started having that same problem with people in another group conversation of his, so he had to switch back to Samsung Messages.

    Is there something different in the way that Samsung Messages processes MMS messages? Any Ideas at all? I'm stumped, and i thought that I might ask you geniuses before calling AT&T and spending many hours on hold.

    All of this started after the Marshmallow update, and side note, all SMS messages, from everyone, are fine.
    09-16-2016 12:14 PM

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