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    Samsung SM-T700 tablet (aka Tab S 8.4). Recently updated to Android 6.0.1. Immediately experienced lags, lockups, and excessive battery drain. This has been going on for about 2 weeks. Frequently have to force off (hold PWR + Vol Dwn). Works ok for a while after force off, but issues always start again. Media server is main consumer of power, usually 20-30%. I do not listen to music, have no videos, and few photos. Contacted Samsung chat, their only suggestion was to do a factory reset. Offered no other troubleshooting steps. Are there any other steps I can take prior to factory reset?
    09-29-2016 12:12 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central. Please join the site. See this link for instructions on how to join.

    Hopefully someone will come offer some good suggestions ( And while I could not find a helpful Android Central blog on this topic I DID find several good guides for "common marshmallow problems" at other Android sites. Here's a link to my search for your convenience...

    https://www.google.com/#safe=off&q=f...hmallow+issues (I'm pretty good at searches)
    09-29-2016 12:22 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Try a cache partition wipe, which won't erase any personal data: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-28773

    Do you have an SD card inserted? If so, try unmounting the card (in Settings>Storage), removing it, then rebooting.
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    09-29-2016 12:37 PM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    I agree with B. Diddy, most Media Server drains are related to a bad SD card or to some media files that got corrupted. Check your gallery, music lists and such to see if there's a file that can't be read.
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    09-29-2016 12:56 PM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    Media Server scans the SD card, whether you have media files on it or not. If a file gets linked to itself, even if it's a really small file, Media Server runs in circles forever. Reformatting the card (copy all the files from it to your computer first) will fix that.
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    09-29-2016 04:19 PM

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