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    semi-transparent ghost overlay of information
    appears after start, briefly disappears, returns
    and stays. Obstructs view of screen, annoying.

    PDA : T889UVUCOH4
    Phone: T889UVUCOH4
    CSC: T889TMBCOH4
    H/W: REV1.2
    SMD: 01N, PBA: O4N
    RearCam: ZMGA01
    FrontCam: S5K6A3
    TSP: ME005370
    TSK: 0x11
    Band: unknown
    UART: N/A
    UN: CMAF7A104A711BF
    Memory: 16GB

    Problem with this and battey began after update to 4.3

    Any help appreciated. Anyone else have this experience?
    Thanks in advance.

    10-10-2016 03:46 PM

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