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    Phone: Samsung galaxy S5

    at my work we can login to the system we user externaly, for example at home. When we do this a verification code is sent to my phone as a FLASH sms. i enter the verification code and i get into the system.

    Now, the problem is that after yesterday i do not recive flash SMS on my phone anymore. the ONLY thing i did was to turn of the SIM-PIN, after this i do not recive any more Flash sms's on my Samsung galaxy S5, even when i turn the SIM-PIN back on again and restart the phone.

    If i take my Simcard and put it in another phone(used an Iphone 4S) i did recive the flash SMS right away. When i put the card back into my Samsung galaxy S5, enterd the pin-code and tried again i did not recive any flash SMS.

    i have NOT done any other change to the phone between turning the pincode off and on.

    What i tried so far is rebooting the phone, clearing the phone cache. This did not work. Do anyone know why i wont recive and how i turn flash SMS's on again on my phone ?
    10-14-2016 03:53 AM

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