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    Moto G4 / Android 6.0.1

    So here's the scenario: I turn off my phone (I'm one of the rare ones) on Sunday evening and everything is normal.

    Monday morning, I switch it on and notice that the Google Search bar has more space above and below it, pushing everything else down and slightly compressing my clock/weather widget.

    I hadn't installed any apps or changed any settings. I checked the recently updated apps, and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

    I've attached two screen captures - one before (green wallpaper) and one after (blue wallpaper).

    I thought about doing a factory reset, but that's a bit of a nuclear option. I know I could install another launcher, but I don't really want to. Just for testing purposes, I created another user, and it reverted to the normal layout.

    I'm baffled. Has anybody else experienced this and can you suggest a fix?
    10-18-2016 11:21 AM
  2. hallux's Avatar
    As you were posting as a guest, you were unable to include the screenshots. Would you mind joining us so you can include the images?

    It may just be that it needs another reboot to clear the issue.

    There was an article on the site (or maybe another site) that Google was playing with adding pop-up notifications on one side or the other of the Google search bar, for things like commute time or other reminders, if you are in the beat program for the Google app it may be related to that (I am but haven't seen what you're describing though).
    10-18-2016 01:36 PM
  3. Diffuser's Avatar
    I have a same problem.

    Google Search bar suddenly has more space above and below it-screenshot_20161020-183514.jpg

    That space pushes search bar and clock widget down.
    Is it bug or what? Any tips how to get rid of it?
    10-20-2016 12:42 PM
  4. hallux's Avatar
    This is mine. I don't see a huge difference in the spacing. I used the Google Now On Tap screenshot function, imagine the notification bar at the top of the screen.

    Google Search bar suddenly has more space above and below it-screenshot_20161020-143732.jpg
    10-20-2016 02:41 PM
  5. Diffuser's Avatar
    Yeah you have same space above search bar like me and the first guy. It is probably new update.
    But it used to be like this about week ago:

    Google Search bar suddenly has more space above and below it-nexus-6p-screenshot-2-7.jpg

    Do you see the difference?
    10-20-2016 02:50 PM

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