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    I'd post an individual thread for each question but I'd just fill the whole forum.
    First off, what is with this phone and wireless charging? It gets stuck in a restart loop when I put it on a wireless charger (sometimes even a wired charger) and even when it's at 25%, heck even at 80+% it shuts off an insists the battery is dead until I plug it in, then suddenly "OPE! JK, FOUND THE CHARGE!"
    Second, it wipes app permissions at random. I'll have ringtones set through ZEdge, and every other month it decides to change its permissions so that the default factory alarms can't access ZEdge (or vice versa). I have to manually edit ZEdges permissions and then it will undo it all a couple months later.
    Third, the headphone jack rules are whack. Every other device I've owned on earth stop music/media when a headphone jack is unplugged...Not the turbo 2. It likes to switch back and forth every now and then. SOMETIMES Spotify will keep playing, sometimes it will pause. It does the same for any interrupt actions (For example, Moto voice while driving, or voice-to-text...it just keeps playing media while I'm trying to voice-to-text).
    Fourth, sudden unexplained battery loss. It just drops in charge with no explanation. This is also apparently highly related to item 1, I would post an image link of the issue but apparently it's spam...But you can actually look at battery usage over time when this problem happens and see a gentle down hill battery usage with an abrupt half inch gap where allegedly there is no charge, then suddenly it picks up where it was a couple hours later...
    Fifth, "Priorities" are a joke. Why do I have this stupid thing set to only allow phone call noise from my parents in case of emergency during work or sleep hours if it's just going to say "Whatevs" and ring for any unknown number?! That is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the intended feature!
    Sixth, This phone has recently decided to up and delete a media player app I downloaded. No rhyme or reason, it was just gone. Specifically the Black Media Player.

    Has anyone else been having this much of a nightmare with their phone? This is seriously the most expensive paper weight I've ever owned...I'd almost prefer the risk of explosion from the Note 7, at least then when it screws up I'd get a whole new phone! And does anyone have it through Verizon, and know if I can ditch this piece of crap? I've had it for less than a year, I'm not on a contract, and the payment for it is rolled into my monthly bill. I'm screwed aren't I?
    10-22-2016 07:51 AM

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