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    I have HTC One M9 and did not really had problems with it till now. So a few days earlier I noticed how my screen wont auto rotate, at that moment I did not bother to look at setings or anything else for fix, but after that I noticed that proxity sensor also don't works and ambient light sensor. So I downloaded sensor box and surprise there where no readings for any of sensors, even magnetic sensor did not show a thing. After that day, I tried restarting phone, even returning it on factory mode and sensors still wont work. But the biggest problem is that android don't know when phone is moving and it can't kick doze mode to save battery, so I downloaded force doze mode from app store and even that is not helping. Do somebody have any idea for this problem, is there any fix. I supose, since os cant see any of sensors that sensor core is dead (can it even happen for that thing to die)? My problem is that phone is draining battery over night like insane, around 20% by night. And every time the screen is off it drains more battery it says by android system. There is htc test under android system, is it somehow trying to access sensors and that is draining battery or something else. If someone had this problem pls help, or anyone with idea.
    11-04-2016 01:54 AM

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