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    After my Zenfone 2 (ZE550ML) ran into a hard brick while trying to downgrade from the buggy official 6.0 Marshmallow release from Asus back to 5.0 Lollipop, I was able to get my phone back and running (after 9 hours of nonstop fixing/downloading/researching with the screen not turning on at all) I saw the 4 color boxes that's associated with the hard brick reset but saw thousands of micro colored boxes that have not disappeared that covers recovery mode altogether. I took a pic via webcam so you can see what I see. http://imgur,com/a/OTXkh (change the comma to a period after imgur) Any clue how to fix this? I've searched every possible phrasing I could think of via google but it's always the same stuff of how to fix bricking but not dealing with this situation.
    11-05-2016 05:08 AM
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    This is the Guest poster. The image actually shows the bootloader so I have no clue if I selected Normal Boot, Shut Down, etc so I honestly don't know how the recovery mode looks (might have the same distorted image as bootloader for all I know.) Thanks in advance.
    11-05-2016 05:13 AM

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