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    Short version. I used Tor about 6 months ago from a used computer I bought. I stupidly asked him to download tails for me. Once in a while I would notice password changes and every program I tried to get a pgp key would not work. I just thought it was my stupidity. 3months ago I bought some things on clearnet but has strict warnings are labeled with the correct warnings. So nothing illegal on my part. Trying to warn people on Reddit( big mistake) something about the product. I never mentioned any vendors name. I was suddenly locked out of reddit from home IP address. Noticed more weird things w/computer and now my tablet. Ran a spyware program and all kinds of stuff popped up..Not even a minute later it was all gone.Showed my computer completely free from viruses and malware. Then tablet acted really weird. So I went to All About Device and took a picture with my smartphone 2 minutes later phone was locked and tablet had original info back again.All my devices had been hacked and most rooted. They made it so i could no longer buy bitcoin. Actually took bitcoin out of wallet and put it back in my paypal account. During this time had some new neighbors move in. I got that feeling someones watching me. Anytime i trird to lock a device the password woulld be changed and factory reset wouldnt unlck it. I got the feeling all the devices were spying on me. I believe the neighbors came in my house and switched out some usb chargers.Tinfoil hat time. They havent targeted anyone else in the house other than rooted and spying on them. But they dont care they just think im crazy. We have a boost mobile family plan. Their phones work great. Ive gone thru about 5 phones i still cant get web service. I can make call and receive texts. I even bought 2tracphones. Same problem. I can get web when phone is hooked to wifi.What can i do to get rid of these hackers and protect my family and me.I kinda think it could be LE or my neighbors are awesome hackers. Oh and there are keyloggers on every device.
    11-09-2016 11:42 AM
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    I would talk with the authorities if you really believe that is happening -- Although I don't think it is. They can't root your device by simply getting into your wifi. It sounds like when you pulled an illegal move by stealing that movie you welcomed in viruses that simply have messed up your devices with possible key loggers.

    As for the no data on phones (especially if new) that could just be a service issue. Especially since you can call and text that just tells me LTE isn't best where you are at.
    11-09-2016 11:53 AM
  3. Tina Fey's Avatar
    What movie? I havent done anything illegal. Maybe its true once you download Tor youre labeled a criminal.
    11-09-2016 01:23 PM
  4. Almeuit's Avatar
    What movie? I havent done anything illegal. Maybe its true once you download Tor youre labeled a criminal.
    Sorry -- I misread and thought you said you used it to download a movie.

    Since you say the PC was bought used it is very likely that there is spyware on that machine if you didn't wipe it upon receiving it. This would explain the person being able to get into your network and also keylog your passwords.
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    11-09-2016 01:55 PM

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