1. AC Question's Avatar
    Something identified as 99274 used 1% of my battery since the last charge?

    I have tried googling around to find out what this is to no avail. Does anyone know what this could be?
    11-09-2016 04:44 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    That's 1% of the amount of power used from the battery (not 1% of the total battery power). So if only 1% was used (the battery was at 99% charge), that's 0.01% of the battery. It loses about that much just sitting out of the phone, fully charged, in 24 hours. (But if you turn the phone off, then turn it on, you should notice that "99274" isn't in the battery list any more.)
    11-09-2016 04:49 PM

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