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    Hi, I have a note 5 and just today evening suddenly the wifi won't connect to the internet, it works just fine in the morning and it also works just fine on my other devices (it's working on my laptop as I typed this) and my family members' devices, only my phone can't connect to the internet even tho wifi is already connected, I tried restarting the phone, restarting the router, changing the IP address to a static IP address, forgetting the network then reconnect it again, but nothing works, anyone knows how to fix this problem? please help, thanks!
    11-11-2016 01:05 PM
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    That's usually a router problem (it's called a limited connection). It can be difficult to fix, even for someone who's there. Read [GUIDE] Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Connection Problems and try the suggestions there. Also try to find your DHCP server (in the router, when you're connected to it) and make sure that the "range" (or the number of allowable connections" allows for at least one more connection.

    You have one connection from the phone (or computer or laptop) to the router - and another connection for that device from the router to the internet. Bear that in mind as you're troubleshooting. You can connect to the router, but not get a connection through the router to the internet - and the only way you'll know is that the phone can't connect to places on th internet. As far as the phone is concerned, it's "connected".

    (Choosing a static IP means that you must choose one that's in the same subnet as the router itself - if the router's IP address is and you choose for the phone, you'll never get a connection. It's normally not a good idea to choose a static IP.)

    BTW, if you have, say, 5 "slots" available in the DHCP server, and you try to connect 6 devices, the 6th one to connect will get a limited connection. Unless you always bring things up in the same order, that limited connection device is going to be different all the time. That can drive you mad, unless you realize that this kind of problem always means that you're one slot short of the number you need.
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    11-11-2016 02:35 PM
  3. Shellaaa96's Avatar
    this helps! I didn't know about that static IP thing, so I just entered and the connection didn't work, so I checked my router's IP and changed it on my phone to the same IP address and now it works! thanks a lot!
    11-11-2016 03:04 PM

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