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    I have rooted successfully my Samsung Galaxy S7.
    Now i would like to backup the Firmwave to a file and implement it on secondery device using Odin.

    i try to create the ROM file (tar file) that contains:

    /dev/block/sda5 (BOOT)
    /dev/block/sda6 (Recovery)
    /dev/block/sda14 (SYSTEM)

    i use dd command to copy it and to rename it as:
    factoryfs.rfs (BOOT)
    recovery.bin (Recovery)
    zImage (SYSTEM)

    without the brackets.
    u created tar file and md5 using:

    tar -H ustar -c factoryfs.rfs recovery.bin zImage > package_name.tar
    md5sum -t package_name.tar >> package_name.tar
    mv package_name.tar package_name.tar.md5

    When i try to Flash it using Odin it's stuck forever.. i think it's happen because the file names are not correctly for the S7.
    Please help me!
    11-17-2016 09:38 AM

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