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    I have a Galaxy Note 5 SM-M9201 with s/w 6.0.1.

    Recently I tried to set up a T-Link extender with not much luck.

    I realised that I was unable to get access to the Internet for my 4 Win 10 boxes, Amazon Echo, Galaxy S4 and iPad as I had done before.

    At the same time I noticed that the o/s had updated from 5.01 to 6.0.1 altho not sure if thyat has anything to do it.

    I got into the router to check and in the process noticed there was an open port so disabled it.

    I disabled it and now only use the primary port with full WPA/WPA2 PSK.

    I decided to change the name from the router brand as well.

    During the process I rebooted the router, turned it off and hit the WPS button.

    Now everything has access to the LAN and internet except the Note5. They all show the new router name too.

    I have double checked what I can on the WiFi settings of the Note but I only have part access to the net.

    For example using the facebook app, I get full access to it, but some images are slow or don't load.

    I cannot access anything using the Firefox browser, the news all shows the opening news but no links .

    Email is only syncing every now and then even though set for 15 mins.

    It is strange that all other devices work but this one.

    Any help please ?

    11-21-2016 07:31 AM

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