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    I am transitioning to the Samsung S7 from the Note 4. I used Smart Switch to move my data.

    Note 4- Songs were located on the SD Card
    Pictures were located on the SD Card-

    I use the Samsung music app on the Note 4 and made the transfer before I installed the Samsung music on the S7- After the transfer, I installed the Samsung Music app on the S7.

    All data ended up in a "SDCardBackup" folder in device storage.

    I made the assumption that the music ended up in the wrong place. So I clicked on all of the data and moved them from the device to the SD card.

    When I opened the newly installed music app, all of the music showed up in the app. All of the playlists showed up in the app...BUT none of the playlists had any songs....

    Need to know possibly what I did wrong and what solution I could implement (Besides manually reloading each playlist) ?
    11-22-2016 11:50 AM

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