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    I just got a new Lenovo A1000 (Android 5.0) and tried rooting it using kingo root just like most people suggest, it was supposed to reboot by itself after finishing but it didn't, so i tried rebooting it myself, it was then that I realized it couldn't boot at all. I tried booting it into recovery mode so I can perform a hard reset, but the options are all in some Asian language, not sure whether it's Chinese or, I just can't understand anything, if anyone knows which language this is, please let me know, perhaps what the meaning of each option is as well. those are the best shots I could take right now. I know they are not clear, but I'll try adding more tomorrow
    Attached Thumbnails Help identifying the language?-win_20161122_23_59_14_pro.jpg   Help identifying the language?-win_20161122_23_59_34_pro.jpg  
    11-22-2016 04:18 PM

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