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    This was an extremely long ordeal, and I'm not sure what's important, so please bear with my retelling of my problems.

    I first noticed something odd when my phone stopped recognizing my headphones. After some investigation, I discovered that I could not charge my phone and have headphones work at the same time.
    Shortly after that I started getting messages that the charger I was using wasn't compatible with my phone, which I know is untrue since I use it everyday.
    I plugged it into my laptop, which is what I usually do when I have charger troubles. It worked for a bit, and then stopped charging. Also during this time my computer did not recognize my phone which it told my by showing a "unknown device" popup. Many times.
    Then my phone started to freak out, vibrating every second telling me that it was charging than not then charging again. I don't remember exactly what I did here but I assume I kept unplugging it until It calmed down.

    Then my phone got an error message for something called "power sharing." My nemesis. I've had this happen a few times before, actually. I know it's some kind of glitch where your phone doesn't recognize the USB cable and thinks you're trying to use this power sharing application even if you don't have it downloaded. I've managed to conquer this before, but, again, I unfortunately do not remember how I did it.

    I tried:
    -Turning on safe mode (Did not work)
    -Factory resetting (Did not work)
    -Downloading the stupid power app (Kind of worked?)

    After that my phone seemed to be charging ok. It even worked in the wall socket! I plugged it in for the night. I checked it again this morning and, of course, it had stopped charging over night. I unplugged it in and tried again and surprisingly it worked! I walked out of the door with around 50% battery.

    When I got home the first thing I did was try to charge my phone via the wall socket. Nada. Right now it's plugged into my laptop and charging fine, but at over twice as slow than it normally does. Also, if my phone is off and plugged in, I cannot turn it on while it is charging. I have to unplug my phone to turn it on.

    TL;DR after many problems and many attempts to troubleshoot, my phone only works while plugged in to my laptop.

    Can anyone help? Considering I've had similar problems in the past I feel like it's fixable, but I've done all that I personally can think of. Thank you!

    P.s If you read all that you're a saint.
    12-01-2016 03:25 PM

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