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    Problem solved!!!!

    I had recently posted this problem: My Samsung Galaxy S7 cellular data stopped working today for unknown reasons. The Network Status Icon shows an 'X'. What's odd is it will work momentarily when the phone boots up, but then the network status quickly changes to 'X' status and stops working. The SIM card / service works fine in our other phone and was working fine earlier in the day.

    Solution!! This problem is related to Wifi Calling being enabled with the option 'Never use Cellular' - go figure. To fix and allow you phone to connect to the cellular network....under settings, go to 'More connection settings'. Then select Wi-Fi Callilng.
    You have two ways to fix - you can disable Wifi Calling. Or you can keep this feature enabled, but select the option 'Wi-Fi Preferred'. The phone's cellular data connection should immediately re-connect!!

    Beware - we have been using our Samsung S7 for 12 months and had never experienced this problem. Then out of the blue - bam! no service. In speaking to T-mobile who was very helpful given we are no longer a customer, however we purchased our phone thru T-mobile - they explained that this feature can bite you when you least expect it as it will vary from network to network........
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