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    I am creating an application were we record VOIP call using media recorder, other than Samsung device call get connected audio feed also received at both end and call get recorded with both audio and video. But when comes to Samsung device we are facing problem to record audio stream in recorded call. During our initial finding it was observed that Samsung device does not allow sharing of Mic when it is in use. We had tried with different audio source which are available

    VOICE_CALL (not working)
    MIC (not working)
    VOICE_DOWNLINK (not working)
    VOICE_UPLINK (not working)
    DEFAULT (not working)
    CAMCORDER (not working)
    VOICE_COMMUNICATION (not working)
    VOICE_RECOGNITION (not working)

    I had also tried several call recording Audio/Video application some of them are listed below along with the test result

    AZ Screen Recorder - Fail
    SCR Screen Recorder - Fail
    Screen Recorder 5+ - Fail
    Background Video Recorder - Fail
    Mobizen for Samsung - Fail

    Is it possible to share mic in Samsung device when it is already consumed or mic is already in use by any other application ?
    12-15-2016 09:29 AM