Is there a way to kick a hacker out of my Verizon 2020 model Galaxy S20 using Android dev codes?

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So, over the past few months my ex has been freaking out off and on about someone who has hacked his phone, gained total control over his phone, and threatened to expose secrets of his if a ransom isn't paid. I will say, the reason he's an ex is because of a serious drug abuse issue, so I kinda thought he was on a bender each time this came up. I moved across the country to get away but I do still love the guy and I was worried about him so I wanted to gather more info about his behavior to know for sure so I started screen recording our conversations and video chats. I had everything being recorded down to the screen taps and all audio. One night we both fell asleep during a video chat and I captured a video of this guy breaking into my files and such and storing copies of my apps and data in a hidden secret folder. I watched him secretly share files between mine and his Samsung accounts and then hide the evidence. He had access to my Google account and knew the 150+ passwords I had stored there. He's installed weird apps and just used existing system apps and other popular apps (like Shazam, onedrive, duo, and others) to spy on me and record and steal my data by allowing crazy permissions that I am unable to change because I am not the"administrator". Turns out he had been hacked and I had too. Would it be possible for me to use the android developer menu to reverse the codes he's used to violate me to kick his sorry *** back outta my phone? If not,is there anything else at all I can do other than delete apps and factory reset?

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Welcome to Android Central! If this truly is a skilled hacker (and you aren't one), then there's no point in trying to fight on the same level. It's best to protect yourself by changing all of the passwords to your important accounts (and make sure they're not easy to guess, like using birthdays or favorite pet names). Also make sure you have 2-factor authentication turned on wherever you can. Then do a factory reset of your phone, and then set it up like new (rather than restoring from a backup).

But keep in mind that being truly "hacked" is pretty rare, and can be easily avoided with common sense. Read these:
“I’ve been hacked” - Android Forums at
[GUIDE] How To Avoid Malware - Android Forums at

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