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    So I recently acquired a pair of BYTECH universal wireless earbuds (active sport), which connect via bluetooth, and am attempting to get them to work with my HTC Desire 626. I doubt it's a problem with the earbuds themselves as they work perfectly with my tablet. However, my phone doesn't appear to like them. It recognizes the device and connects, and the earbuds make an annoying dinging noise when they connect, but I can't get the audio from things like my stock music app or youtube to actually play through them when connected to my phone. Instead it plays from the upper speaker, as if on a phone call, and uses the phone call volume setting instead of the music/media volume setting (which I wouldn't even mind if it would play the audio through the earbuds instead of the phone speakers, which aren't very good). I can't find an answer for this anywhere OR a way to troubleshoot it. Ideas?
    12-26-2016 02:15 PM
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    When the earbuds are connected, look in Settings/Bluetooth and find the earbuds. Tap the gear icon and see if there's a "media" profile. There probably isn't, which is why media doesn't play through the earbuds. (Which would mean that the 626 doesn't do media through Bluetooth. You could try BTmono - I've found that it works on some phones. Run it, turn it off, run the media app, then turn BTMono on. Or maybe a different sequence on your phone.)
    12-26-2016 05:24 PM

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