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    I've successfully Synced two computers using Outlook 2007 and Outlook.com and Gmail. Gmail is the mail account and Outlook.com provides the sync for Calendar.

    The calendar sync works well with changes moving quickly between devices and calendar categories (for color coding) being synced as well.

    I have also tried to sync with Outlook for Android on a Galaxy S7. With the goal of email coming from Gmail and calendar from Outlook.com as I have on the computers.

    I have successfully added both the accounts to Outlook for Android and have Gmail mail working well. I can also see my outlook.com calendar on Outlook for Android; however, color coded categories do not seem to sync to Outlook for Android.

    There is also another problem. While I can add and edit events on the S7, I cannot edit or delete events that were created on either computer. Without that ability, the mobile device "sync" is not useful.

    Regarding the second problem, I've noticed, when I open an event created on one of the computers to edit the event, that Outlook for Android lists my Gmail account as an event attendee. This leads me to wonder whether Outlook for Android is treating the Outlook for Android user as a different user than the Outlook 2007 (PC's) users and thus restricts change rights to the PC created events on the S7.

    I've been unable to test that theory because I've been unable to find any settings which seem to define the calendar user for Outlook.com (the calendar is already set to the outlook.com account).

    I'd appreciate suggestions, advice, etc. for both problems.

    01-05-2017 10:12 AM

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