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    Since last tuesday notification bar in my LG Leon is acting weird. It keeps displaying itself right after i turn the screen on for about 2 min and the it stops and everything works perfectly normal until next notification appears and then it goes crazy again. During this time ghost prints appear on the screen and I had to swtich off the knock -knock gesture because the phone seemed to sense another touch while there wasn't any and turn the screen off. Hard reset didn't help at all.
    The screen has been already tested and it worked fine. I've also checked for any cracks, removed protective foil from screen and had Android installed again but the problem returned and it's slowly getting worse. Seriously, I thought that it was hardware issue but it stops after some time so that was ruled out by the serviceman. On the other hand, new Android didn't solve the problem as well.
    Any ideas why it's happening and how to stop it?
    01-29-2017 03:00 PM

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