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    I just replaced the touch screen of my generic 9inch Android Tablet running on Jelly Bean. I couldn’t get the genuine one so I just bought a compatible one: The screen works BUT it doesn’t properly map the co-ordinates on the Display. Bottom and the sides are OK but the top (about 1 inch in landscape mode) has no response. The screen is all working : The bottom matches fine but as you swipe upwards you can see that your finger touches a higher point which matches a slightly lower point on the display. When your finger reaches the top …the matching map becomes about 1inch bellow on the display.
    I need help to fix this issue: I think there would be a file inside my android where there would be values to match the Display Screen mapping with the Touch Screen (digitizer)
    Thank you in advance……
    01-31-2017 11:12 PM

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