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    Hello Everyone,

    Having lost my "ordinary" mobile phone, I was given a ZTE Blade L3, android version 5.0.2. .

    Apart from the multiple problems this phone presents, one of them is that I am frequently blocked from opening a link.

    For example, I use CNET and receive newsletters from CNET with links to articles within the newsletter. Clicking on these links I receive a pop-up security notice stating -

    Security Warning. There are problems with the security certificate for this site.

    Beneath these words are the choices - View Certificate. Go Back. Continue.

    Clicking on any of them, especially "Continue" will still not allow progression into the link,

    Being well past my sell-by date I am a little annoyed and frustrated as to how this may be overcome, and I would greatly appreciate some words of advice!

    Thanks in advance if this is easily solved.


    02-04-2017 05:16 AM

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