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Oct 23, 2018
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What are the top best action games to play at MantiGames?

Among all the diverse game genre, you will probably get hooked on action games. But, which games should we try first? Action games are also the highlight section on MantiGames’ website. Here, we recommend our top 8 best action games so that you can enjoy them every time visiting our site. Keep reading to know the details of the game. Game on! Let’s start!

1. Christmas Adventure

Santa Claus is coming to your PC screen here. Christmas Adventure is a simple and fun adventure game. You will become Saint Nick to navigate your way to complete through all the difficult levels and collect the jewels along the way. Keep an eye on your enemies who are dotted around in each level! Moreover, watch out for the jolly penguins, snowmen, and others Christmas characters!
Christmas is coming to town!

Since you are here at the cold North Pole, Santa will need your help to complete all the levels. The arrow keys are important to survive until the end. The up key is to jump over enemies and obstacles. Remember to collect snowballs and then use the spacebar to shoot the bad guys. Quick tip: While jumping over any hole, utilize the running jump to reach another platform. Don’t forget to enjoy our selection of the top free PC & Mobile Browser games.

2. Lordz.Io

Let’s enjoy the fun strategy .io game. If you fancy army controlling and Empire builders, this will be your best choice. Featuring the trouble-free gameplay, players will soon be attracted. Playing as a lowly lord, you will enter the strange world with a sharp sword and gold. Your missions are to explore the territories, collect more gold, and always notice the potential gold mining spots. Construct your mine and some nearby houses in case the population will grow fast. Also, these setups will offer the manpower to upgrade dragons, soldiers, and more.

Yep, in this magical process, you will enjoy the defending and attacking process with your enemies. Challenge yourself to become a powerful king with a strong army. Claim your fortress in the map’s center. Win and get a horde of loot in this medieval-themed Quest game. Secure the areas around your goldmine, gradually upgrade it, and construct the defensive castles. Enjoy this PvP game mode now!

3. Color Spin

Do you fancy colorful wheels?

Join the happy spin on the color wheel. Could you play the bouncing ball safe until the end of the game? stay safe on target. And, be careful; otherwise, the ball will slip over the edge of the wheel. The highly addictive skill game will make you keep coming back for more.

4. Clumsy Bird

Let’s join this amazing flying game in a retro Flappy Bird-style world. The game is designed for the single rule which is to assist the bird to go a far distance while avoiding hitting all the obstacles. Try to gain the highest scores as possible and beat the previous scores whenever you replay the gameplay. You’ll enjoy this retro version of the well-known Flappy Bird game.

Clumsy Birds really need your support because they are at high risk of extinction. All of their eggs have been stolen by cruel dragons. Their wings are small, but they dare to overcome all dangers out there. Guide these adorable birds through different obstacles to get their eggs back.
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5. The Last Prince Of Egypt

Go through the game correctly!

This point-and-click adventure game will be a good choice to play on our website. In this game, you are Akil, a hard-working guy working in a busy pottery store. One day, while sculpting a brand new pitcher, he found an extremely strange symbol on it. The game’s objective is to support Akil to find out the meaning of the mysterious symbol. The secret will be revealed thanks to your help. Time for new adventures and legendary treasures.

6. Playing With Fire 2

Blast all your opponents forever in the fantastic Playing With Fire 2 action game. Fight against your enemies in a playing field with the Bomber Man style. Plan carefully to set up your dynamite to blow your path to the opponents. Gather all game-changing power-ups to get the upper hand in combat. For a swift victory, corner the opponents well. Win or lose. It’s your choice. If you don’t want to be quickly blown away, try to survive.

7. Super Mario Run

This new game in the Super Mario game series allows players to play with just one hand. Controlling Mario is easy with just tapping to run him forward constantly. Time all the taps well to create midair spins, stylish jumps, and even skillful wall jumps. Collect gold coins together to reach the game’s goals. Super Mario Run enables people to enjoy all the game modes without any additional payment. Four free modes to play include Toad Rally, World Tour, Kingdom Builder, and Remix 10.

8. Parkour Games

These amazing parkour games are where players can flip, run, and do wall-jumps through excellent urban courses. The game is built with military training style in mind which requires the players to utilize the parkour skills carefully to control the characters’ body through tons of obstacles. You must face all diverse barriers in different levels of the gameplay. Look for the best movement to move non-stop and pass all the blockages. Prove you are the best free-runner in this game!

Experience the realistic feeling!

Experience realistic challenges and movements now! Continue your dangerous journey over high-security areas. You may flip over gaps, run across rooftops, and try to survive! Be a professional athlete and the free-running master. Take control of your job, avoid getting caught, and complete all courses. Can you become the best competitor?

Most of our top action games are playable at the singleplayer mode. So, if you would like to try some action games with your partner, we also have awesome free online games for couples that people can't wait to play on our website.
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Feb 23, 2011
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It's more about the person behind the camera than the equipment itself. Smartphones can take some amazing photos, when working within their limits (which I love to push). They can also take some very bad ones. Professional cameras can take amazing photos, but also some very bad ones.

While smartphones have come along way, they are never going to catch up to pro-level equipment on a spec by spec basis. If they were that good, the pro's would all have already ditched their $5,000+ setups and just use their phones. Sorry, but software tricks just can not make up for that kind of difference in quality. Most of the differences have to do with the physical properties of each. For example, if you have a 20MP smartphone camera and 20MP full frame DSLR, the much larger sensor is always going to win out in overall image quality. It's pure physics. The larger sensor has larger pixels, meaning they gather more light and have less noise than smaller sensors. The same also goes for lenses; dedicated lenses will always have better quality than those tiny lenses on a phone.

Think about it. Spend $1,000 on a phone, and you are buying a handheld computer that does a lot of different things pretty good. Spend $1,000 on a camera, and you are buying a device dedicated to the best photo it can take and nothing else. No web browsing, no music player, no gaming, etc.

But they do say the best camera is the one you have with you. In today's world, convenience is a huge selling point and smartphone cameras do have their place. In fact, a lot of event venues allow phone photography, but ban larger DSLR's. So it's a trade-off you need to decide for yourself if it's worth it.

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