1. AC Question's Avatar
    So , after the nougat update , the design is awesome in my opinion , performance wise slower a bit . I mean sometimes it lags etc , didn't have that problem before . My biggest problem so far is , there is this new feature ' Optimise ' , closes apps etc . Sometimes it restarts my phone , I think it closes the operating sistem or something like that .. Does anyone have this issue or know how to fix it ?
    03-10-2017 12:28 AM
  2. Sam_Gs7's Avatar
    Ugh! there's No new--Android version without bugs. This website
    offers some basic solutions,.for some malfunctions, pay attention
    to Problems: 10-Lagging and 6-Random reboots ok Guest
    Link: https://www.technobezz.com/common-an...t-problems-fix

    The fixes apply to Nexus and Pixel, but may work on the SG7-Edge
    03-10-2017 01:17 AM

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