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    I have an issue with Spotify.
    Lately the sound will not work properly when my screen is ON.
    I have searched and searched for a solution but not found one single post by anyone having the same problem as most people seem to have a problem with Spotify not working when the screen is off, for me it is the OPPOSITE.
    Now i'm not sure it's just Spotify but that is basically the only app I use for music so all I know is that lately whenever I try to use my phone or just simply have the screen on while playing music it starts to lag A LOT and no the sound is not buffering or pausing, the song keeps on playing - it's just the sound that glitches. This is the same with both headphones and speakers.
    The phone is new and everything has worked perfectly until recently.
    It started BEFORE I installed the latest update and even afterwards it was the same, I have also tried uninstalling the app and of course turning the phone on and off again.
    I have tried downloading a playlist and listening in offline mode, I have tried listening with wifi and with the phones own data but the problem persists unless I turn my screen off. It is very annoying to not be able to respond to a text without pausing the music because it starts to lag so much.
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    03-15-2017 08:26 PM
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    I have had the same issue with two different phones. I am done using Spotify until they can get it fixed with an update and have been using Google play music for the time being. I'm curious about a solution as well.
    04-06-2017 11:06 PM

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