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    Im battling with myself to change out my iphone 7 plus with the new samsung s8. I have tried many androids but always keep going back because of convinence. There is a few thing I would like to know before buying one and was hoping anyone would know.

    What I love about IOS is the Spotlight search, you swipe down and search anyhting on the phone to the web.

    Also the Widgets on IOS is great. Just swipe left and you have them all on one page. Is there something similar on android?

    Swipe down and get all notifications and widgets on ios. Does this exist on android?

    I found a launcher called "evie launcher" which has the universal search but It would be nice to have this in stock android.
    03-30-2017 06:31 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    You are comparing two different ecosystems. Some people can, and do adapt to the difference, some never do.
    You can set up android devices to look like an iPhone, but they have a lot of fundamental differences that you may not like at all. So it boils down to you really. Either you like it and are ready to learn how to navigate, or not.
    I use both, and prefer android, as do most people in this forum, we love the freedom it gives us to tweak our device exactly how we want it.
    Give it a go, or you will never know... ;-)
    03-30-2017 06:41 AM
  3. Umbrokhan's Avatar
    first choice will be getting a Samsung S8 phone with touchwiz has a powerful search, can search setting, documents, alot more.
    2nd) New Microsoft launcher beta can find my documents. and other stuff.
    3rd) can use fast finder app from Google Play Store.

    don't use what i mentioned below if you want powerful search
    Google search is not that powerful
    Evie launcher can't find my documents saved as Microsoft.
    11-05-2017 09:14 AM

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