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    I've been doing some research and found that the adaptive display when set to auto, in the daylight, is able to nearly double the max screen brightness of the amoled display. The problem is, when I choose adaptive display it's actually nowhere near as bright as the ambled even when set to auto, if I stand in the sun is can't even tell and it's not like I sit in the sun playing on my phone. So my question is, how do I bypass this retard auto brightness feature and just manually set my phone at its brightest. And so we are clear, moving the brightness slider to the the max only brightens the screen to about half of its max. The only way to get max brightness is to set auto and stand in the sun which is absolutely retarded and BTW I can't even confirm that it even works that way because when in the sun the screen appears dimmer as is.
    04-02-2017 01:39 AM
  2. Tim1954's Avatar
    Pull down quick settings menu. Tap the down arrow on the right of it. That will give you option to turn off auto brightness. In Nougat.
    Marshmallow has the option next to the controller...
    04-02-2017 04:23 AM
  3. Randy Purcell's Avatar
    I don't think you understood my question, I already know I can turn auto on and off and I know how to manually adjust brightness, what I'm getting at here is if you were to choose the adaptive display then turn off auto and manually set brightness at max, that is factually only half of the maximum brightness possible. The only way that I know of, hence why I am asking but, the only way to get maximum brightness is to set it to auto then manually move the slider to the brightest then after both of those conditions are met you must stand out in direct sunlight. The reason being, even with the brightness up standing in the sun reduces visibility on the phone so the auto function will nearly double the lumens to compensate for the sunlight. I'm not sure what the exact numbers are bit I'll give you a close example. When adaptive display set at brightest and set to auto achieves like 300 lumens, with the exact same setting when standing in the sun, the display will increase to nearly 600 lumens.

    So my question is how can I bypass the requirements and just set the screen at its max brightness???
    04-03-2017 09:04 AM

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