1. AC Question's Avatar
    This monitor is also an Android based large tablet. It is running on an old Android OS which does not support most apps these days. Is there a way to upgrade this OS or am I SOL?
    04-06-2017 06:59 PM
  2. asimkon's Avatar
    I have had the same problem with you (mine runs on Android Ice Cream older version). Did you manage to find anything and how could be done?

    09-25-2020 04:14 AM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    Honestly, any ROM you might find that will run on that device is not going to be new enough to be worthwhile spending the effort to get installed. You'll need a ROM at least 3 versions newer to have the base level of support for apps installing from the Play Store (or to even use the Play Store).
    09-25-2020 05:02 AM
  4. mustang7757's Avatar
    I agree with hallux , that android version is very old .
    09-25-2020 08:43 AM

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