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    My S5 started acting 'funny' less than a week ago. It wouldn't stay connected to my home Wi-Fi, when there was no problem before & it was actually even better than when I was using Straight Talk for a phone plan. Now, for my S5, all I use IS my Wi-Fi, and now that's being messed with & Idk how to fix it, yet.
    I can't go into the Wi-Fi options & check/uncheck that button to go in between the Wi-Fi & Data Usage, or whatever that is, bcuz I don't have a phone plan. I DID download an app called 'CleanSweap', and it was doing what it supposed to be doing, 'cleaning up' , (or as I called it), 'messing up' all the apps that had so-called 'junk' in them, deleting 'duplicate' pics, when my phone was getting too hot, it would try to cool it down (sometimes it wouldn't work). There was more but I can't remember all of them, but this one; It had 'asked' me if, basically, I wanted to Force Stop/ Turn Off some of my other apps & to pick which ones I wanted to 'keep' or 'Turn Off' . That's when I decided to delete THAT app. When it 'asked' me to pick, that's when my phone started to act up.
    So, I can't go into that app & turn/switch/push any buttons.
    And now, I am paddle less & I hate Creeks, unless someone else has any advice that can help me out with my situation? Thank You in advance, for reading this, and for ANY & all suggestions/ help..
    04-13-2017 03:03 AM
  2. Thacy's Avatar
    Have no idea what's the cause. Would you consider backing up all your data and trying a factory reset? This could be a last resort if no other solution works for you.
    04-13-2017 04:48 AM

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