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    Have an Samsung S6 (not rooted) and use Gmail which is also linked with some old Verizon (now Frontier/AOL) accounts. When I use the Gmail app on my phone the first 5 characters of my new work email address is the same as an email address I had at my job back in the 1990's. I use my phone a lot to take pictures in the shop and email them to my work email address for work, but when I try to type in my email address I have to either type 7 characters to get to where my new work email is different than my old one, or type in 3 or 4 and then pick the second choice for autocomplete address as the email address from the 1990's is ALWAYS the first suggestion.

    I have searched all my contacts in all my accounts and cannot find that old address anywhere. Searched old Gmail emails and found a few referencing that old address from 7 years ago in conversations discussing my old work retiring that old domain name. Have cleared the data on my phone and it still pops up as the #1 suggestion. Was thinking a 10 pound sledge hammer might stop it from popping up but thought that someone else might have a suggestion to help me fix this.

    Any suggestions????
    05-12-2017 09:17 AM

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