1. AC Question's Avatar
    my phone is not connecting to the wifi calling. i tried to reset my phone but nothing is happening in i dont know how to get it to work
    05-18-2017 02:19 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. What phone and carrier? Did it work before?
    05-18-2017 02:22 PM
  3. anon(10244108)'s Avatar
    I too have this issue, since upgrading to the latest software on my Samsung S7 I am now unable to use Wifi Calling. It is on none of the menus, I even wasted 2 hours of my life yesterday doing a factory reset but to no avail. Today I spent 1 hour 30 on the phone to both Three and Samsung - neither party claimed it was their fault and to call the other one. I'm so cross right now as the closest I got was the customer service guy at Three (when I escalated my call to a complaint) took my details and said he would call Samsung and call me back this afternoon

    It all worked fine before this and I heavily rely on WiFi calling as the signal at both work and home is pretty rubbish!
    05-22-2017 08:59 AM

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