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    I have a disabled neighbor who has an Android phone provided to use for emergencies. He is mentally handicapped and I have been trying to help him learn to use it. I have tried to turned off as many options as possible so that he can use it easily.

    My question is this:
    Is there a way to move or hide the settings icon that seemes to be locked on his home screen in the center of the bottom bar (sorry, don't know the technical name)?

    Android 6.0 v6F29
    I forgot to check what device.
    Can't figure out who carrier is.

    I have told him numerous times not to ever touch it, but he gets frustrated with it and just starts tapping on things to try to figure out on his own how to do things. I regularly have to close 15-20 background apps, including the settings. I would like to prevent him from being able to change things in there that could mess up his phone. Any other suggestions welcomed!

    05-22-2017 07:02 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    🙋I think you're referring to the app drawer icon....typically a disc with six dots in it; the Settings icon is typically a gearwheel.
    Try Settings, Home, and see whether you have a simplified launcher option. On LG phones, for example, it's called Easy Home, in which that icon is not present.
    05-23-2017 06:01 AM
  3. L L Just Me's Avatar
    Thank you. You are correct, it's the app launcher. Settings is in there as well.

    I managed to determine that it's a SafeLink phone by searching for images of phones for the icon on the phone itself. But still no brand yet. Unless Safelink is a manufacturer as well.

    I will research that option and try it the next time he visits. That will also still allow me or his mother to access settings and apps to add things as he masters using apps, correct?

    Thanks again!
    05-23-2017 03:40 PM

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