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    Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Verizon - SM-N920V
    tl;dr at bottom

    I was using my phone and I noticed it was being a bit sluggish in loading so I restarted it. However, I forgot that you can only unlock the phone with your PIN (which I had forgotten) after a restart. After multiple failed attempts it gave me the factory reset warning if I attempted a few more times (which I did). When I was down to 1 attempt left, I tried using Google's find my device and Samsung's Device manager but no luck. Believing myself to be exhausted of all options, I said "**** it" and gave the PIN was last shot.

    My note did a shutdown screen followed by a factory wipe followed by the set up screen. After numerous swearing I calmed down and did the set up. It asked if I wanted to do a "restore" from that day which I did. After what felt like 10 minutes of "restoring" I was welcomed by the default homepage instead of what I was hoping to be my personalized Nova Launcher. The only thing that seemed "restored" was my home screen wallpaper (not even my lock screen). None of the gallery items were there, my documents in S Note are gone, Nova Launcher can't detect any back ups, etc...

    I tried using EaseUS MobiSaver but it requires a root which I can't do because its the Verizon model of the Note 5. I tried another data recovery called Dr. Fone's toolkit for android but it had no luck either. On the phone itself I used a data recovery app I had before the factory reset, but none of the deleted pictures that it would normally find before the factory wipe would appear. After remembering that deleted files aren't actually gone simply hidden and made available to be overwritten, I turned off my phone. I'm incredibly frustrated and am on the verge of ditching my phone because I lost 1 years worth of customization, conversations, downloads, images, videos, documents, etc...

    tl;dr: Forgot my PIN and ended up triggered a factory reset after attempting to unlock my Note 5 (Verizon). Did set up and used the "restore" option but it was no use. Attempted to use recovery tools (EaseUS Mobisaver, Dr. Fone's toolkit, Disk Digger) but no luck since they recover root which I can't do because Verizon model. Have since kept my Note turned off to avoid having "deleted" data from being overwritten. I'm really pissed and want to find a way to restore my phone to how it was before the factory reset (with my Nova Launcher, gallery, misc documents, etc intact).
    06-02-2017 04:45 PM
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    M having the exact same problem i want my app data back,, I've tried PC methods and android methods both but I failed as I can't root my device now m frustrated!! Is your problem solved or not? If yes then please share
    03-30-2018 03:33 AM

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