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    I never enabled "Developer Options" on my phone.

    There is a "Security Audit" menu in Malwarebytes, and in there, there is an item "Developer mode". When I first got in there, it says all settings are ok, but when I clicked Developer Mode, I saw it was turned on. And when I pressed back, Malwarebytes warned me about "Developer Mode". As I said, I never turned it on. Also, there was no "Developer Options" in my Settings, only from Malwarebytes I could reach it.

    After that, to test, I've enabled Developer Options by clicking 7 times to "something" and the menu was there. But as I said, it wasn't there before.

    I have some doubts. I did a OTA Update recently, is a OTA Update enables Developer Mode automatically ? Could an OTA Update be the cause of this?

    06-07-2017 03:22 AM

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