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    We have recently rolled out a large ammount of Galaxy A3 devices, and we're having some pretty intresting issues which i am hoping i can find a fix for.

    Recently we have decided to enforce device encryption via Microsoft Intune.
    Now some of our users either get 1 attempt at entering their decryption code before the device comes with the popup:

    Verification Failed
    Unable to restart your device.

    Which only leaves us an option to factory reset the device and then our users have to re-install their device again which is a bother to say the least.

    Some googling brought up some results about previous passwords used in a earlier Android version, but all these devices are brand new so that should not be the case here.

    This issue proves very difficult to troubleshoot seeing the device gets wiped after this message so I am not able to get into any log files etc.

    Anyone has any experience with this or tips how to troubleshoot further?

    Device Info:

    Type: Galaxy A3 2016
    model: SM-A310F
    Android Version: 6.0.1
    Baseband Version: A310FXXU3BQC2
    Kernel Version: 3.10.61-9624472 dpi@swhc3621 #1
    Buildnumber: MMB29K.A310FXXU3BQC2
    Status SE for android: Enforcing SEPF_SECMOBILE_6.0.1_0034
    Beveiliging softwareversion: ASKS v1.2_161011
    Level android security patch: 1 feb 2017
    07-11-2017 05:57 AM

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