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    Hello everyone, I must turn again to my technically proficient friends on this forum for help with what is probably an easy question. OK, I have a Samsung Galaxy Edge 6 Plus. I use the Verizon app for Messaging/texts. Until a few days ago, I've never had a problem with sending a text and receiving back notifications- 1st "sent", then "delivered". This applies to both recipient Android and iPhones, and is in accord with the notifications I set for messages under the Advanced Settings portion of the messaging app.

    This current problem seems to involve one recipient only. My friend has an iPhone. I spoke to him just the other day, so I know it's at least working. I have sent him numerous texts, both SMS and MMS, and, despite my Android settings, all I receive back is the notification "sent". Thus, I cannot be sure that anything I've sent him via text has been delivered.

    I have tested my texting with other friends and no problem. Should I assume that the problem is on his end? Maybe a full inbox in his iPhone? Can that even happen? I'm confounded, and I can't even reach him by phone to ask about this directly. And, yes, I've even tried press-hold on the message to bring up the message details and I get the same results, i.e., "sent". Has this happened to anyone recently? I don't know the version of iPhone he has, but I've texted him successfully many times before.

    As always, thank you everyone who can give me a word of advice. These things are so frustrating to a technically-challenged person such as myself!
    07-31-2017 02:34 AM

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