1. James Cunnally's Avatar
    I have a Android tablet it has Gmail on it but I would like to
    Have it forwarded to my laptop email which is all
    . Can't find any settings in Gmail to forward
    09-16-2017 02:55 PM
  2. sulasno's Avatar
    Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account

    You can choose to forward all of your new messages to another email address, or only forward certain types of messages.

    Set up automatic forwarding*

    You can automatically forward your messages to another address. You can choose to forward all new messages, or just certain ones.

    Note:*You can only set up forwarding on your computer, and not on the Gmail app.
    09-16-2017 03:14 PM
  3. hallux's Avatar
    Why not just log in to the web interface for Gmail on your laptop, or connect your mail client to Gmail (depending on the client, it can be done)?
    09-16-2017 09:24 PM

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