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    I have a OnePlus 2 phone which after a hard fall on concrete about 8 months back often freezes with bottom half of the display showing coloured lines like the attached image and then reboots automatically . After the reboot the phone is back to normal and touch and features work perfectly, but the battery gets drained by about 10-15%. This happens randomly about around once a week, sometime it happens twice or thrice a day, and sometimes it doesn't happen for weeks. I thought of managing with this, but when I depend on my phone like navigating during a trek, it reboots and gets me into trouble.

    I have tried OS updates, factory reset and I also installed a custom ROM and this still happens occasionally. So it definitely looks like a hardware issue

    I checked with the OnePlus store and they suggested me to replace the entire display, but I thought it was not worth it as the phone is about 2 years old now and the cost of display also was very high.

    What has gone wrong with my display? Does this seem like a minor or a major issue ?

    Kindly note that as this happens randomly, I could take the picture myself. I managed to find a similar image on the internet.
    10-27-2017 01:12 PM
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    I don’t think there’s much chance of a worthwhile remote diagnosis of the fault via a forum. It would I think need to be put into the hands of a repairer for diagnosis using instruments.
    10-27-2017 02:21 PM

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