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    I gave my phone a factory reset, when it boots the first time, I have to choose a language, then connect to WiFi and after that it'll check my internet connection. It then says 'Cannot connect or communicate with Google servers' and offers me to try again later. It doesn't let me proceed to boot the phone, which is quite annoying as I can't use my phone now.
    Any ideas?
    11-04-2017 04:07 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone? Why did you factory reset it in the first place -- was it malfunctioning beforehand?

    Can you try connecting on a different wi-fi network, like at your library or a local coffeehouse?
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    11-05-2017 01:19 AM
  3. dimitkovec's Avatar
    First of all, thank you for showing interest in helping people with your knowledge.
    The phone is "Huawei TIT- L01". Bought 09.2016.
    SO...i did many things out of pure stupidity in my life, and here are some of them.

    Mistake 1 : I decided i have too many ads and notifications, and since I've heard after master reset, the phone will be as new, I did it.

    Mistake 2 : Unfortunately I followed the steps for Hard reset- the ones in which you use the external buttons of the device after switching it off (not through the Android)

    Mistake 3 : After the reset the phone did ask me for the google account and password. As I did not remember the password i clicked the link "forgot password", which step by-step led me to changing the password for the account (IDK how you can do that if you do not remember your old one, but i did it). Since that didn't work i started looking through my papers and found the original password.

    Mistake 4 (you must be crying by now) : Through the bridge PC (I work on a ship) and With the newly changed password i entered my gmail account, and changed the password for second time, hoping it will work.

    Mistake 5 : I kept trying to activate the phone with the new and the old password, and through series of tasks, proving that i was not a computer, and since it did not work, i did the same Hard reset of the phone. Ever since then (so far 51 hours), after i switch on the phone, it asks me for language, then connect to the ship's wi-fi (so, to answer to your question- for the moment i can use only that internet. if we go to a port i could try with other internet, but it is far in the future), then accept Huawei terms, then .... The device cannot communicate with Google servers. Please try again later. So i can not even start the Android , to work from there.

    I hope the case is not hopeless!
    11-05-2017 01:56 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Whenever you change your Google password, you have to wait 24 hours before setting up a new phone. Has it been 24 hours yet?
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    11-05-2017 06:31 PM
  5. dimitkovec's Avatar
    Yes. The, let's call it "accident" for the sake of proper language, happened on the 04th- 17:30.That means about 60 hours ago. And the procedure is still the same- Choosing language>connecting to the wifi>accepting the Huawei terms>
    "Couldn't sign in
    There was a problem communicating with Google servers.
    Try again later"

    Somewhere i read that the security period for changed password can be up to 72 hours. And since there is no better solution i will wait. But is it possible that the password has nothing to do with the current situation? I am not even to the point to write my Google account... But then again, what the hell do i know about all that!?

    I am open to ANY suggestions! Thank you again!
    11-05-2017 07:15 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    72 hours was the old waiting period -- it should be 24 hours now. Have you tried activating on different wi-fi networks?
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    11-05-2017 08:43 PM
  7. dimitkovec's Avatar
    Just now we were closer to an island with the ship. One of my colleagues used his 4G internet and he made a wi-fi hot spot with his phone. I connected, and everything went smoothly. Apparently the internet was the problem.
    Thank you for the help, Kevin. If all people were like you, Earh would be a better place. Wish you all the best
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    11-06-2017 03:42 AM
  8. H v dken's Avatar
    When i log in whit aan new browser or a new phone Google ask me for permission to do so,so i have to confirm thats its really me that wanna log in what that phone you better go to the Google settings and watch if you can see if you try to log in whit aan new phone
    11-06-2017 09:23 AM
  9. Bilal Sami's Avatar
    Gboard language cannot connect the Google server solve this fault I loss my money
    06-24-2018 08:57 AM
  10. Rukbat's Avatar
    First, that's a new problem, so you should have started a new thread.

    Second, Google servers do go down once in a while. Try again in a few hours. If not, try again tomorrow.
    06-24-2018 03:25 PM

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