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    Sometimes after I lock my screen and try to turn it back on the screen will flash and not come on. Other times it comes on right away. If my charge is low it takes forever to get the screen to turn fully on sometimes it turns on right away. Even at full battery it does this but when it's down to 20% or lower the screen itself starts flashing even when it's on. I'm wondering if it's my battery because the battery does have the red for water damage instead of white.
    12-08-2017 01:13 PM
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    It sounds like the amount of charge doesn't play much of a role on what's going on, so if let's say the device always acted this way at <20% it could be due to your battery. First what device do you have? Since it's one that the battery is accessible have you placed the battery in rice to be sure that it completely dry? Even though it sounds like you've been dealing with this for days there's still a chance that moisture is trapped inside of the battery. Which leads me to my next thing has the phone been dried as well? If there was enough moisture, even if the device didn't go directly into water, to indicate on the battery you could have trapped water in the device. That is what I believe is causing your issue more than the battery. You may need or want to replace the battery but I would get the phone into some rice for at least 12 hours in a warm place to drive out any moisture that might be lurking in there. You may notice in improvement in performance after that but batteries are pretty cheap online so it probably wouldn't hurt to replace that as well. By not ensuring that everything is moisture free you are kind of playing a game of Russian roulette because one of these times the moisture may be in the right spot to short something out. More than your battery I think your issue lies in the device and given that it happens randomly I would say that it is moving around in there.
    12-08-2017 02:44 PM

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