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    I have an Android media center that is connected to my LAN via ethernet. (X96 media box using Android 6) I'd like to be able to access files on the Android from my PC using file manager or something like that.

    After a lot of searching, I installed ES File Explorer on the media center and I can see my PC files but I would prefer to manage the files from my PC. (It would be a lot easier).

    Did I do something wrong with ES file manager or is there another way to access the android files while sitting at the PC?
    02-04-2018 11:18 AM
  2. dsscottage's Avatar
    Sorry, I looked at ES File Manager a little more closely and found an answer. - Not perfect but an answer.
    In case anyone else has this issue, here's what I did....
    In ES File manager go to Network>Remote Manager
    That will give you an IP address to input in Windows File Manager
    Insert that address in the search bar of File Manager and that will show you the file structure of the Android media server.
    Add that to File Manager as a Quick Access link.
    Now I can move files to and from the Android media center from my PC.

    It's a little awkward but it works,
    02-04-2018 12:05 PM

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