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    I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. It is great, but one feature does not work properly. When I connect my Linux PC via USB and turn on tethering, it works, but the downloads are 512 Kbit/s, while uploads are much much faster. This behavior is consistent if I tether Wi-fi instead of LTE (then the phone acts as a Wi-fi receiver for the computer). The same phone works great with Windows 10. Does anyone know whether there was a recent update in RNDIS protocol that broke compatibility with the Linux old driver? It seems to me that the way Linux packages the USB transfers is understandable for the phone, but Linux has troubles deciphering the protocol that phone uses: I have a lot of errors reported on the USB-based Ethernet device. My guess is that the data received from phone must be re-transmitted multiple times due protocol mismatch. I do not know where to start to look for fix: it is Android kernel module or Linux kernel module should be updated?
    02-04-2018 09:48 PM

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