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    Since I have switched over to Android from Apple, I ran into some issues with my contact. I am not sure if this is how Android function, or I may be doing it wrong. Will explain more in detail below:

    When I have transferred all of my contacts over to Android, I noticed two of my separate friends name Eric, with no last name added into it, they both automatic merged together without my knowledge.

    Also, some of my friends' list have double number on their profile. I tried to edit it by delete one of the copied, but it is only showing one number in edit mode. When I saved it, on their profile, it show two numbers instead, again. When I look deeper into it, I have noticed that those friends who has double number, also linked with Whatsapp. Again, I did not permit Whatsapp to go into my contact and add their information onto my contact list. When I un-link my friends from Whatsapp, I keep getting a notification about about merging my friend's phone number from google and whatsapp number together. Because of this, I am getting concern if this is privacy invasion or it could mess up my friend's profile if I have updated their new number.

    On Apple contact, I don't have this problem. First, I can add two different person name Eric, with no last name inputted, but with a different number within two different profile. Second, even thought I was using Whatsapp on my iPhone, Whatsapp did not invaded my contact list by adding my friend's whatsapp number.

    So, tell me, on the Android side, is this a normal function or I might have clicked the wrong button? Or maybe I do have an option to go around this like I has experienced with Apple Contact? Thank you in advanced.
    02-12-2018 08:34 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    It would depend mostly on how contacts were migrated, like what program you used. Android best deals with contacts using Google Contacts, basically your Gmail Contacts. If you open Gmail then go to Contacts, there will be a group called My Contacts which is essentially the synced copy of your phone contacts. Anything you do there is reflected on the connected phone. This is one of the easiest way to manage contacts on Android, since Gmail accepts import from almost anywhere. So the merged contacts named Eric would depend on how you migrated.

    Regarding Whatsapp integration, Whatsapp has a feature to access your contact list to search for your friends and add them. Merging won't really affect the contacts. They'll just put 2 tabs under the entry of that person, one for Whatsapp and another for Google. You can always deny Whatsapp access to your contacts list if you wish. If Whatsapp doesn't have it in its settings, you can do so in the system settings.
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    02-12-2018 08:58 PM

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