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    I'm pretty happy with Google Handwriting Input, which I've tried on my LG V20 phone and on an older LG tablet. I'm now facing a period (possibly a long one) when I may be unable to use a standard keyboard at work on my desktop computer, so I'm looking for a hardware/software combination that will enable me to input text into all applications on the desktop. Connecting the Android to the PC either by USB or Bluetooth would work, if I can figure out how to get the device to output text from my handwriting window and how to get the computer to recognize it as keyboard input.

    Any suggestions would be welcome, including those that may involve using other handwriting recognition apps or other hardware or software. If this isn't possible in Android and someone knows of a different tablet-style device that's affordable and has decent handwriting recognition, I'm open to that too. Most of the "digital notepads" I've found are mainly graphic design-oriented. Thanks!
    04-21-2018 03:27 PM
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    Install a VNC server on the desktop. Install a VNC client (sometimes called a viewer) in the phone. Connect the phone to the desktop by wifi (you'll need the IP address of the desktop - hit Windows key+r, type cmd and Enter, and you'll be in a command window - type ipconfig /all and you'll see your IP addresses - for Ethernet if you're connected to the office network that way and for wifi).

    The phone will be able to control the desktop (the desktop will also be able to control itself - so the keyboard and mouse are still active), but if you use handwriting to create text when you're in a document on the desktop (and you're using the phone), it should put the text into the document. That is, if you can use handwriting-to-text on any app, not just on a select few. If it only works on the phone for a few apps, the app may have to be written to accept input from that handwriting-to-text app, and it won't work with any other apps or any programs on the desktop.

    Google Handwriting Input may work in that case.
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    04-21-2018 04:45 PM
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    Thanks Rukbat, this works much better than I expected it to. I'll keep using this system unless and until my employer gets around to setting up a usable system under Windows 10, which is supposed to have its own handwriting recognition built in. (OP here; I had to create a new ID for some reason!)
    Thanks again...
    04-23-2018 12:38 PM

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