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    I recently bought a Pixel 2 (XL), and 2 days ago, learned that my 5 Gig data package that I barley used (2.5-3 Gigs before) has been completely used in less than a month. I charged my data package for another 5 Gigs, and tried to manage my mobile data usage, by turning off almost every feature of my phone related to mobile data, such as: no permission on background use, no "auto update", no auto play of videos and even audio files, etc. and also turned on the "data saving" mode of the phone. It still used more than 800 MgB in just 4 days. Checking the usage, I can see that about 580 Mega Bytes are used by "Google Play Services" !!!
    I remove the permission of using background data for it, but it still does that. Can anyone help me on this?
    I don't think it is normal :/
    04-27-2018 02:56 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    First, 800MB is only 0.8GB - not much. Second, Google Play services is a lot of the phone - not only updating apps, but it could also have downloaded an Android update. Let it settle in for a week. (Of course, you could always turn Mobile Data off.)

    If the phone wasn't up to date on updates, it would have downloaded an update a day until it caught up. (It should be on the April 5, 2018 update by now. And you'll be getting another one in a week or so - the May 5 update (which can arrive days later).
    04-27-2018 04:31 PM
  3. Tiffany Lujardo Rosa0379's Avatar
    There are different things that can cause the usage, getting new apps, setting up alot of your accouts, being you just got it. With it being new, the seller setting everything up, ie downloads and updates that was done. Also make sure you have your hotpot off, Bluetooth off, so noone can try to connect to it for wifi, and tethering is off. Check your setting to set updates have to ask you before updating so you are informed and maybe run off your home or other wifi so it don't use your data. Also while not using your phones moble data and you don't have a need for it at that time, turn your moble data off. Hope this helps a little at least. Not sure how your phone is set up or what all was done when you got it. One more thing, when it comes to storage GB. Remember everything that is already within your phone to help it run and the apps that come on it, use at times, about half of of your eternal storage, maybe a little more, maybe a little less.
    04-27-2018 10:49 PM

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