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    I'm on a t-mobile unlock with s9+, but also have a company phone that's on vzw. I use 90% if the time in vzw and most of my calls I use on t-mobile are after work hours.

    Things I know:
    Possibly missing out on: WiFi Calling, Advanced Caller ID, HD calling, vvm, tmobile 600mhz etc.

    Question I have here are:

    1. If I kept the original t-mobile firmware in the phone, do I only get update when I have the t-mobile Sim card in? Or can I get update even when I'm on a vzw Sim?

    2. Most of my usage are through Google voice, phone, and chat applications such as whatsapp, hangout. What do I loose if I have vzw Sim on a tmobile fw?

    3. I'm guessing if I were to stay on this phone with vzw Sim, would it be better if I flash it with Odin and use vzw fw or the Samsung fw? Or I can just keep it on t-mobile, and once a quarter, I'll put the t-mobile Sim to get updates?
    06-12-2018 09:13 PM

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