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    I've recently switched to a GS9+ from an iPhone 8 Plus, and in the process I moved my calendars to my Google account. I've configured the Google app such that it has access to my calendars and location, enabled notifications for weather and commuting categories (Google app->Settings->Notifications->Your feed), and enabled the relevant notifications in Google Maps (Google Maps->Settings->Notifications) (see attached images for details).

    In spite of this, I've not once seen a time-to-leave notification, or even a card in the Google app, even though I include addresses with all of my appontments that require a commute.

    I'd be most appreciative of any suggestions - because if I can't get this to work, I'll have to go back to my iPhone, where it worked flawlessly and where I came to rely on it quite heavily.

    And I've only seen the weather card in my Google feed one time - the first time I opened the app. I didn't dismiss the card, nor did I tell the app that I'm not interested in seeing it. Regardless, I can't make it reappear.

    So, any ideas, folks?
    07-07-2018 07:03 PM
  2. djrakowski's Avatar
    07-07-2018 07:05 PM

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